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Romance Review: Any Rogue Will Do

This is a delightful enemies-to-friends-to-lovers story featuring two characters at the fringes of high society. Lady Charlotte and Ethan are mocked and shunned by the Ton following an almost-scandal that took place nearly a decade before the story starts. Lottie blames Ethan for having had to flee London… and he blames himself too. Now she’s … Continue reading Romance Review: Any Rogue Will Do

Mystery Review: Gingerdead Man

Gingerdead Man is the seventh installment in Maya Corrigan’s Five-Ingredient Mystery series. As it often happens, I hadn’t read the previous books in the series, but it wasn’t hard to jump into this one and get to know the residents of Bayport, Maryland. The series centers around Val Deniston, a thirty-something caterer who lives with … Continue reading Mystery Review: Gingerdead Man

Romance Review: The Duke Who Didn’t

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. This delightful, low-angst romance came along at the perfect time for me, just when I needed an uplifting story with a triumphant ending. Courtney Milan’s new Wedgeford Trials series takes place in a small English village with a diverse, close-knit population. The … Continue reading Romance Review: The Duke Who Didn’t

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